The Worst Corruption Deals that the FBI Has Ever Done


The Worst Corruption Deals that the FBI Has Ever Done

Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is ascribed with solving crimes, its assistance comes at a cost. Its futility to defend the greater good has been demonstrated by a list of extremely corrupt deals since its inception in 1908. Some of these deals are known to the public while others remain obscure, but whichever the case, they all provide insights to distrust the federal bureau.

Spying on American citizens

For starters, while it was NSA that was blamed for spying on American Citizens data, it was actually the Federal Bureau of Investigation that created a Data Intercept Technology Unit. The unit had undermined NSA’s capabilities, implanting encryption features on people’s smartphones due to concerns over government spying.

Threatening the lives of informants

The bureau is well-known for making the lives of informants a living hell. In its efforts to break those who proved courageous enough to expose government wrongdoings, the FBI wrote threatening letters to informants and did nothing to protect them. For an agency tasked with rooting crime in the society, its unwillingness to provide justice is disgraceful.

Employing ‘contradictory’ tactics

The FBI seems to be employing ‘grotesque’ or ‘contradictory’ tactics rather than acclaimed justice. For instance, one of their informant Craig Monteilh reported that he was coerced to sleep with women in a Mosque he supposedly infiltrated, as the FBI pursued potential terrorists in Orange County, California. Such tactics resemble those employed by London police officers to infiltrate environmental groups in the 1990s.

Implanting surveillance on celebrities

Finally, the FBI continues to use surveillance on celebrities and other popular personalities in an effort to trace their ties with terrorists or anti-war activists. For instance, they implanted a surveillance on Marilyn Monroe to establish her connection with Charlie Chaplin, an outspoken anarchist who was for many times, listed on FBI most wanted criminal in the United States. This is against the rule of law.

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