15 Things about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks


15 Things about Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

A lot has been said about Julian Assange, some of it true and some of it just pure fiction. To some, he is a hero, to others a villain. So who exactly is Julian Assange? Here is a list of things about the mystery man Julian Assange and his greatest work, WikiLeaks.

  1. His family moved a lot when he was a kid

Following the separation of his parents, Julian and his mother, Christine Assange, lived a transient lifestyle. They moved more than 50 times during Julian Assange’s childhood.


  1. He attended more than 37 schools

Due to the nature of the lifestyle they lived, Assange found himself in 37 different schools. His quest for an education also included a vast amount of homeschooling.


  1. He began hacking at age 16

When his mother presented him with his first computer as a gift, Assange started learning how to hack into computer systems, doing so under the name ‘Mendax’.


  1. He has numerous threats from different quarters

Due to the work done by WikiLeaks, Assange has received threats from the Kenyan president, the Pentagon, the Church of Scientology and many other parties from all over the world.


  1. He joined Central Queensland University

Assange joined the institution to study for a Bachelor of Science degree but ended up dropping out of the institution.


  1. He failed in his exams

Assange had an average grade of D, which made him leave university and spend more time and energy on WikiLeaks.


  1. He had an annoying houseguest

Assange once had a houseguest who was paranoid and didn’t care much about hygiene. It was so bad that he used to forget to flush the toilet!


  1. He loves kids

Despite being a world-renown hacker, Julian Assange has a soft spot for kids.


  1. Confinement in London

Assange spent a whole year in confinement at the Ecuadorian embassy based in London. He had applied for political asylum.


  1. Protection by Consul Fidel Narvaez

During the first two months of his stay at the embassy, a consul slept at the embassy so as to keep Assange from being mistreated by police.


  1. His 41st birthday treat

During his 41st birthday, Assange had a treat for demonstrators outside the embassy: he sent them some cake.


  1. He has extreme fear of the CIA

Due to the information published by WikiLeaks, Assange has always been in fear of the CIA. This paranoia has seen him kicked out of people’s houses.


  1. He raised money during his Embassy confinement

While at the embassy, Julian Assange received visits from various famous people. All this was in a bid to raise money for WikiLeaks.


  1. He’s not had much of a home all his life

Assange has had no place to call home during his life. However, most of his time is spent in Sweden.


  1. He makes use of encrypted cell phones

When communicating with his friends, Assange makes use of encrypted cell phones.

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