The Complete Guide to Staying Anonymous on FB

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The Complete Guide to Staying Anonymous on FB

Facebook is an important Information Technology (IT) tool that enables users to communicate with family members, friends, and work colleagues. Facebook has a business interest in the data that is provided by all Facebook users globally.

Interest in the data or information provided by users is a form of intrusion that limits digital privacy. The article provides a guide that enables Facebook users to minimize intrusion or unauthorized access to their information. Three manual settings can be used to ensure digital privacy.

  1. Account, privacy settings, sharing

Sharing data on Facebook can be controlled to ensure proper anonymous surfing. There are three options for sharing data on Facebook. These sharing options are: sharing with the public, sharing with friends only, and sharing with friends of friends. The best digital privacy option is to share data or information with only friends. Facebook users should carefully select their friends on Facebook. Accepting friend requests from known people is appropriate.

  1. Account, privacy settings, sharing, customize settings, edit photos privacy

This is the second Facebook setting that ensures anonymous surfing. The setting enables the user to check the old albums, and then review the privacy status of each album and the photos in the album. The user can use this setting guide to hide old pictures or pictures that are embarrassing.

  1. Information accessible by or through friends

A Facebook user can ensure tight privacy settings on his or her Facebook account. However, many friends do not use tight privacy settings. Some websites, online apps, and Facebook users can take advantage of the weak privacy settings of a friend Facebook account, to access information from a privacy secure account. Facebook users interested in anonymous surfing can use the following setting to ensure sufficient privacy: Account, Privacy Settings, Apps/Websites, Information Accessible from Friends.

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