How to Access the Dark Web Anonymously and Safely

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How to Access the Dark Web Anonymously and Safely

The deep web is a peer-to-peer network of computers surfing anonymously across the globe. It is often called underground Internet due to the onion routing of websites. In a simplified explanation, the Internet means a connection of computers. There is the usual web we use which has all the sites commonly known. It is called the surface web. This web is usually indexed by the search engines.

Then there is the deep web, which all the unindexed content is exchanging between computers across the globe anonymously. Dark web amounts to approximately 95% of all other connection of computers. Web site databases, government information, top secret service networked content are all usually hidden in the dark web.

History of the dark web

Dark web is as old as the Internet itself and was used by the army as a secret way of reaching a different IP address anonymously. It then began being used by government agencies and other covert operations to operate unnoticed. The technology was then later leaked out to the general public to access this enormous power of the Internet via the TOR network. TOR is a PC browser designed for anonymous surfing in the underground Internet. The dot onion websites are unindexed and are codes written in a domain suffix .onion form.

How to surf the dark web anonymously

The easiest method to access the deep web is through the TOR network. One must first install TOR browser for your operating system. You must then have the onion site(s) links to visit. There are numerous ways to get the legitimate dot onion links but beware of phisher attacks and scams. There may be other methods like the Android Orbot plus Orfox app combination, but their safety and anonymity is questionable.

How the dark web operates

The dark web uses a digital currency like bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cyber-crime rate and other illegal trades have been known to thrive well in the dark web especially in the underground Internet markets. Hackers, the sale of personal info, hit-men, drugs to weapons among other tradable illegal items and services operate in the dark web like a regular business. Fraud services, terrorism, phishing are common dark net activities.

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