Anonymous Political Party Wants to Ban Guns and Change Governing System

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Anonymous Political Party Wants to Ban Guns and Change Governing System

One of the multitude of Anon Media Factions has claimed that The Humanity Party, an Anonymous party, has expressed a desire to be voted into power in the USA. They are rallying against citizen rights on gun ownership. The Party wants to make an amendment in the U.S. constitution that would bring about a US gun ban; also, a change in the governing system will also be on the cards. The citizens will then be ruled by an all-powerful police and militia, controlled at the top by the President.


The Humanity Party is a “legally registered U.S. political party,” and is trademarked. This political party eventually wants to enforce one government globally. They have an open invitation to all the nations of the world to apply to join the new United People of the Republic of America (Section 9i – Powers of Congress).


If you are wondering why they chose America, this answer is on their FAQ sheet. This Anonymous leak also claims that the party chose America for the sole reason that they felt it was the only country that “has the power to establish laws that mandate price controls” and control the human rights laws of other countries from which they purchase goods and services.


The party has stated that they strongly stand against ideology and science, as they cause systematic self-indulgence and self-centeredness. They have a future constitution in place which contains Section 9e – Powers of Congress stating that copyright law would only be given to the “useful Arts” (which are not specified).


In the proposed constitution, Section 1a – The Legislature contains the part which tips in favor of Federal governing over state sovereignty (so no state laws). The states would be replaced by 50 “Divisions” with similar boundaries and names unless voted out by the citizens.

Another troubling aspect of this Anonymous leak is the “consensus of unanimity” that implies the powerlessness of the Congress in passing any new laws. While unanimous ruling may be utopian in theory but it does have its cons. On the plus side, Section 2e – Powers of the President which deals with Foreign Policy contains the clause that no Congressional agreement on temporary laws introduced by the president for six months would automatically become law.


The Humanity Party (THumP) thinks of themselves as the “hackers” of people’s brains. They are presently headed by their spokesman Christopher Nemelka.


We’ll end with this closing statement on their blog:

“What is needed is for the ninety-nine to appoint one to represent them, who becomes the “Anointed One” and possesses the power and knowledge to represent all equally.  This chosen one must possess the gentle nature of a lamb to assure equality and fairness to all, even to the 1%, but brandish a sword from which none are immune from the strength of its blow.

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