6 Tools to Help You Send Emails Anonymously

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6 Tools to Help You Send Emails Anonymously

While we all know of free email services like Yahoo or Gmail, they do not allow us to send anonymous emails. These email services can go a long way in ensuring digital privacy.

Encrypted email services

Here are a few email services with encryption to provide top tier security.

Anonymous Email

This is an email service which will give you an anonymous inbox along with lots of features for cryptography and privacy. The email comes with 10 MB of storage and end-to-end security woith SSl encryption.


GuerillaMail will give you self-destructible, disposable, and temporary email address which you can use to anonymously exchange email over the Internet. The best thing is that all emails are deleted after an hour for greater privacy. They don’t ask for any personal data so you can use it much like a disposal phone.

Secure Email

Secure Mail features a 4096-bit key which will encrypt your emails and ensure that they are not read by anyone except you. You can sign up without personal information or recording your IP address. However, on the plus side, they are strictly against spam.

The Anonymous Email

Exactly what the name implies, you can use The Anonymous Email ID to send and receive anonymous emails. The only bit of personal information you will need to provide is your real email address.

Email services without registration

These are anonymous email services that don’t need you to sing up to use them. The only drawback is that you can only use them to send email and not receive a response.


This is the best of the one-way anonymous email services out there. You can send a mail only by filling out the receiver’s address, subject, and the content. This email service also allows you to send file attachments.


This is a good anonymous email service for hiding your identity online while communicating online.

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